WUFT News Code of Ethics

We adhere to professional codes of ethics as written by the Society of Professional Journalists, the Radio Television Digital News Association and NPR. In short, we conduct ourselves and our work by the following:

Be impartial and independent.  Do not allow your story to give voice to your personal opinions.  Do not provide special access to those who seek to influence the news. Nor shall you accept gifts or remuneration from those whom are subjects of or affiliated with our reporting. 

Be thorough.  Provide context and perspective to ensure that you convey the most accurate impressions. Strive for the most complete coverage.

Examine the legitimacy of every source.  Question their motivations.  Challenge their knowledge.

Be mindful of the right to privacy.  Respect the privacy of the public, especially when covering traumatic events or tragedy.  But weigh the right to privacy against the public’s need to know.

Do not distort reality.  Make sure audio and video edits reflect the reality of the event and the intent of the speakers.  

Do not plagiarize.  The words, audio, and images created by others belong to them.  Take credit only for your own work. 

Be a watchdog.  Journalists have a duty to hold government officials accountable for their actions.

Protect the right to open government.  Fight to ensure that public business is conducted in public.

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