Time Mangement Tips

A)  Do these things before you arrive at your destination:

1)  Read all background material thoroughly before making calls to help develop your focus.

2)  Highlight any important stats or other useful information…names, locations, etc.

3)  Call SEVERAL possible sources – more than you will need to interview so you don’t get stuck waiting all day to hear back from one person.

4)  Write part of your script on the way to the story – sketch out your script outline and possible interview options.

5)  Write a draft list of questions..

6)  Think about b-roll opportunities and how you will “paint” the story.

7)  Discuss standup opportunities with your photographer.

 B)  Do these things once you arrive at your destination

1)  Pre-interview the subject while setting up the camera.

2)  During the on-camera interview, ask two or three questions that will get to the emotion of the story.  Take notes on what the subject says.  You will NOT accurately remember what he/she said.

3)  Jot down time codes for bites as you hear them so you can find them later.

C)  Do these things on your way back to the station and after you arrive there:

1)  Write your story on the way back to the station.

2)  Quickly scan through your b-roll before you write.  You will NOT accurately remember what you shot. And some video might be un-usuable or may not even be there!!

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