Shooting Homework

You can check out a camera with a partner and work together or you can shoot this assignment by yourself.  If you work with a partner, EACH ONE OF YOU must shoot content on your own SD card.  (Do not share one SD card because this will leave you unable to take part in the Final Cut training sessions.)  EACH ONE OF YOU will shoot the following:

1) video for your topic of choice – each of you should choose a slightly separate story idea or story focus.  You will need a minimum of 15 different shots in order to be able to edit your vo/b/vo story.

2) one interview for each person’s story

3) one static (non-moving) sequence for each of you.

Your grade for this assignment:  You will not be given a point score or letter grade for this assignment.  Instead, you are required to bring this video to class on your SD card on the day that we do in-class VO/B/VO edit training.  If you attend class and bring your homework, you will be counted as being in attendance for the day.  If you show up for class without the video, you will be counted as “absent” because you will be unable to take part in the edit training.  As you already know, each absence takes 10 points off your overall final grade for the course. 

Helpful hints:

a) Hold each shot at least ten seconds.

b) When you shoot your sequences (wide, medium, close), be sure to change the position of the camera.  (Think about that clock dial on the floor that we discussed.)

c)  Do not shoot any zooms, pans, tilts.  Turn off the camera when moving it to make any  framing adjustments.  That way, no unnecessary camera movements will appear in your edited video.

d) Use the tripod for all shots!!

e) Make sure you capture good nat sound.

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