TV 1 Assignments

This section includes reading material for some of your quizzes, as well as information about homework assignments.  Select the material you are looking for from the drop down menu.

So far, the list includes:

Time Management Tips – This information will help you pace yourself during your reporter/photographer work day.  You’ll want to develop these habits early in your career.  These tips will help you make deadlines and survive crunch times.  You will see this information one of your quizzes.

Shooting Assignment Homework – students will start shooting during class, but will have to finish shooting video and writing the script on their own time before the next TV 1 class meeting.

Writing – Phrases to Avoid – study for Quiz 4

Writing – Commonly Misused Words – study for Quiz 4

Writing – For the Web – It’s not broadcast and it’s not newspaper! study for Quiz 6

Project Due Dates – please note that due dates are staggered to help improve camera availability during those “crunch times”.

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