Equipment Policy

for Telecom/WUFT

All students who use Department of Telecommunication or WUFT equipment must follow all established access policies.  Failure to do so will result in automatic suspension of  checkout privileges (for group checkouts, the suspension applies to everyone in the group) as well as grade deductions on coursework…based on the instructor’s policies and course syllabus.  Students who check out gear are also required to pay for any damage to equipment beyond normal professional wear & tear, and to pay for replacement of any items lost or destroyed.

Equipment Checkout:

When you pick up equipment, you must allow enough time to thoroughly inspect and test each piece before leaving the Equipment Room.  WHEN YOU SIGN FOR THE GEAR, YOU ARE ACKNOWLEDGING THAT IS FULLY FUNCTIONING, UNDAMAGED, AND THAT ALL PARTS ARE THERE.  You’re also making a promise that all of the gear will be returned ON TIME and in good working order, similar to the condition at check-out.  (If you test something and it doesn’t seem to be right at check-out, get help then…or you will be responsible if the problem is only noted after you check in.)
Equipment Return:

When you return equipment, you can leave it with the Equipment Room Manager for inspection or you can stay with the equipment while it is checked in.  If you are not present during check-in, you will be notified of any damaged or missing gear as soon as the damage or loss is discovered.  If you are not present during check in, you are still financially responsible for any damaged or missing gear.  If you are not present at the time of check-in, you forfeit your right to challenge the check-in results of the Equipment Room Manager regarding the condition of the equipment when it was returned.  It is advisable for borrowers to remain for check-in whenever possible, as this is your only opportunity to witness the inspection and testing of your equipment and answer/ask questions.  Also, you will be required to clean or re-pack equipment/cables that are not in acceptable condition.  Any damaged, broken or missing parts will be noted on the borrower’s loan agreement and the borrower will be required to pay for any damage or loss.  The borrower(s) will also face an automatic suspension of checkout privileges, following the same penalty schedule as for late returns.
Late Return Equipment Suspension Penalties:
Gear returned more than FIFTEEN MINUTES late will result in the following:

*first offense:  suspension of gear checkout privileges for the individual (or all individuals in the group if a checkout for a group project) for 1 week
*second offense:  suspension of gear checkout privileges for 2 weeks
*third offense:  suspension of gear checkout privileges for 1 month

Late Return Grade Penalties:

In addition, lab grades and project grades will be penalized.  Students should understand their failure to return equipment on time can result in irreparable harm to the work of other students waiting to check out gear.  This cannot be taken lightly because other students’ academic success may be affected by the offending student’s disregard for the rules.

In this course, students will suffer grade deductions for any late gear return as follows:

Equipment returned more than 15 minutes late – 10 point project deduction.

Equipment returned more than 1 hour late – 20 point project deduction.

Equipment returned 2-4 hours late – 30 point project deduction.

Equipment returned 4-8 hours late – 40 point project deduction.

Equipment returned 8 hours late or returned the day after it is scheduled to be returned  – 50 point project deduction

Equipment returned 2 days late  – student receives a zero for the project

Lab Grade Penalties:  If a student is under equipment suspension and is supposed to work a newsroom reporter or photog shift for this course, he or she will not be allowed to work the shift and will receive a zero for that shift.  It cannot be made up at another time.

Late Return Penalties – Other:

During the period of time that a student is under equipment suspension, he or she will not be allowed to perform any on-air work in the INC.

Equipment No-Show Penalties:

Equipment can be reserved for projects if requests are made to the Equipment Room Manager.  BUT failing to pick up reserved gear or failing to0 cancel an unneeded reservation will affect your grade.  When you reserve gear that you do not use, you are denying other students access to equipment they need for their projects.  (If you know you will not need reserved gear, you can easily avoid being penalized by notifying the Equipment Room Manager that you will not need the reserved gear.)  Penalties are as follows:

Grade penalty – 30 points will be deducted from you project final grade.

Checkout Penalty:  Gear will only be held for one-half hour past the reservation date/time.  Once that half-hour has passed and the reporter has not shown up or called, the reservation will be cancelled by the Equipment Room Manager and the gear will be checked out to other students.

Other Policy Violations:

Disregard for the equipment and the rules of the Equipment Room may result in the loss of privileges.  Besides late return, other violations of policy include:

*Returning equipment in unacceptable condition

*Handing off the gear to another student (if an individual checkout) or to anyone beyond the group members listed on the checkout form (for a group checkout)

*Taking equipment out of town without authorization

*Using equipment for work other than that required by the student’s instructor

*Providing equipment access to suspended students, to students who do not qualify for equipment, or to non-students

 Length of Checkout:

 The length of time you are allowed to keep the equipment varies according to what you are checking out and what class you are in.  Specifics will be spelled out by your instructor and your course syllabus but in general, lab shift deadline and timed projects will be a matter of hours or a single day, other projects have either one or two day checkout as determined by the instructor.  In all cases of overnight checkout the gear is always due back by 9am on the promised day of return.  Whenever you return gear from a project shoot, there is a 24-hour waiting period before you can reserve project gear again.  Plan your shoots accordingly; this rule is strictly enforced because it guarantees better access to a limited amount of gear by all students in each class.  Students who are in need of an exception to this rule must have their instructor send an e-mail to the Equipment Room Manager giving permission for the exception.
TV1 Equipment Length of Checkout:

Cameras can be checked out as follows:

Check out between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. – Return BY 9 a.m. the next day, regardless of what time the gear was checked out the day before.

3:45 p.m. is the latest to arrive for a gear checkout.  Do not show up at 4:00 or later and expect to be given gear.  The equipment room closes promptly at 4:00.  NO checkouts will be allowed to begin after 3:45 p.m.

Equipment Loss/Damage:

The person or group who signed the equipment checkout form, regardless of who was in possession of the equipment at the time of loss, must replace any equipment that is lost or damaged while the equipment is checked out.


In the event of theft you are required to notify the appropriate law enforcement department immediately.   And you must notify the Equipment Room Manager and your instructor as soon as possible.  The person or group who signed the equipment checkout form could be held responsible for any negligence, so keep close track of all gear and do your professional best to make sure it all gets safely home to G020.
Malfunctioning Equipment:

If you experience a problem with a piece of equipment while on a shoot, you are encouraged to call the Equipment Room Manager right away.  Often the problems are comparatively minor and can be easily fixed.  If the problem is beyond immediate on-site repair, bring the item back to the Equipment Room as soon as possible.  If the breakage was not caused by negligence, and a similar piece of equipment is available, you can check it out.  However, if a similar item is not available, you will have to make do without it until other gear becomes available.

Financial Responsibility:

Every equipment user is financially responsible for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment that he or she checks out.

Failure to report lost or damaged equipment will be viewed as an attempt to conceal the loss or damage to the equipment and can result in your being barred from checking out equipment in the future.

Equipment Safeguarding:

Equipment should be safeguarded at all times.  No equipment may be left or stored in an unattended vehicle even if the vehicle is locked and the equipment concealed.  The Department considers this an unnecessary risk.

No equipment may be stored in an office or classroom or studio or other University facility other than the Equipment Room without special permission.  The department considers this an unnecessary risk.

Do not ever leave equipment outside the Equipment Room door, in any hallway or out in the open in any newsroom.  This is an unnecessary risk.

Equipment may not be handed off to another student.  When you are finished using the gear, it must be returned to the Equipment Room Manager for check-in.  You remain financially responsible.  Handing it off to someone, which is a policy violation, does NOT relieve you of any liability.


Equipment may not be taken out of town without prior permission from the instructor of record.  The borrower and instructor of record must discuss transportation, handling and storage of all gear prior to departure to ensure no unnecessary risks are taken with the equipment.   Extreme cases may require pre-approval not only of the instructor, but of the Telecom Dept. and/or tv station.


You must sign the Gear Liability Pledge to acknowledge to have fully read, understand, and promise to comply with this Telecom/WUFT-TV Gear Policy.  Unless/until we have a signed pledge on file, the equipment room will not let you borrow any gear designated for your class.

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