Class/Lab Attendance Agreement

Much of your skills training (videography and video editing) will take place during class hours.  Your class attendance is mandatory. 

You must also bring your SDHC cards to EVERY class, lab and newsroom reporting/shooting shift.  If you do not come prepared, you will be counted as absent because you are unable to participate.  (As the syllabus states, every absence will mean a TEN-point deduction from your overall, final grade.)  The instructor DOES NOT have “extra” SDHC cards for you to “borrow” for any of your training shifts or reporting/shooting newsroom shifts.  Keep yours with you at all times.

During the second half of the semester, you will work a four-hour newsroom shift as a reporter or photographer.  You will be assigned a partner for this shift and will rotate reporter/photographer duties every week.  I will make the reporting schedule early in the semester.  If you do not have a four-hour block of time available on one weekday between the hours of 6:30 am and 2 pm, you will have to take this class during another semester.

In order to take this course, you must sign this document and return to the instructor, verifying your understanding of the attendance and reporting shift requirements.  Lack of class and lab attendance cannot be tolerated because extensive amounts of hands-on instruction are covered that can only be offered on the day and time for which you are scheduled.    There are no options for “making up” missed shooting/editing and script writing training.

 I, _______________________________, understand my attendance for all classes and lab training sessions is mandatory.  My scheduled day and time cannot be re-scheduled, moved, or switched.  I understand that I must attend all class and lab sessions on my scheduled day and time.  One or more missed classes or labs will result in major point deductions in my overall, final grade for the course. 







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