Computer Policy

Don’t treat any of the computers in the WUFT Newsroom like your own personal computer. They are not. They are not for general student use either, only for official station business with approved student users. That goes for absolutely everything… the pc’s running ENPS/Internet, the NBC VOD network feed computers, the Apple NLE’s, laptops and MacBookPro’s/Streambox. All computers. Do not treat any of them like your own personal computer.

1. Don’t use them at all unless you’ve been given permission and your own log-in. Remember there are certain times of day when certain machines are earmarked for certain uses (webcast, graphics, etc.). Even if you have access, you will often have to work around other station business.

2. Log-off so others don’t mess with your account. Don’t share log-ins.

3. Official business only. That means station business and station-centric courses only. Write your papers for other classes at home or elsewhere.

4. Only print official station business items. Print your personal items at home. Don’t waste paper. Think before you ink.

5. Never download any software…including other web browsers or other common software you think is “safe”. (We routinely check accounts and re-set them at the end of the semester. If we find ANY software has been added to your account, your final grade will be cut in half. This means you WILL fail the course.)

6. Remove/backup all your projects to tape or your own personal portable hard drive.

7. All our computers could be worked on and have all data (projects) wiped out at any time without notice…and are routinely re-set around finals week or break week. There will be no warning. If something is important enough for you to leave it on a machine rather than deleting, it’s important enough for you to make a backup.

8. Don’t assume you have the rights to re-use material you find on the web.

9. Don’t assume something published on the web is factual/correct/true. Don’t forget the rules about copyrights, multiple sources, and attribution before assertion.

10. Don’t play games on our computers. Bring something else to amuse yourself…or try watching tv (WUFT-TV/DT & WLUF offer 4 different channels) or try reading a book…or try working ahead or try shadowing someone and learning something else. If you’re in college, compared to the people you’ll be working with in just a few years you probably have very low skill levels…and a fairly limited number of hours you can spend in the college newsrooms practicing your craft before your college career comes to a sudden end: you really don’t have any time to waste.

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