There are a great number of resources that will help you be successful in this course.  Here are a few I recommend that can help improve writing skills and technology proficiency: is a terrific software training & tutorial video library.  The online courses help you learn critical skills that you will need   in your academic and professional careers.                                              Our students have been given free access.


Poynter’s News University:  Poynter’s News University offers online journalism and media training programs for journalists, future journalists and teachers.   More than 150 free and low-cost courses cover everything from beat reporting, to better writing, to multimedia techniques. News U is the e-learning project of The Poynter Institute.

There is an especially helpful primer about guns and gun control posted to the Poynter website.  Al Tompkins points out that journalists are often challenged with covering stories about guns even though the majority of them don’t own a gun and know very little about them.  This is a great place to educate yourself.


Gerald Grow’s  It contains exercises in grammar, usage and Associated press style.  Try some of the short quizzes.  They’re not easy!


NewsLab is an online resource and training center for journalists in all media.  The goal is to train journalists to produce stories in new ways that will engage and inform the audience.  NewsLab offers training for professional journalists, plus a wide array of useful resources online at


Advancing the Story: Broadcast Journalism in a Multimedia World – Deb Halpern Wenger and Deborah Potter created this blog as a companion to their  textbook of the same name.  It contains information about a wide variety of industry topics, such as visual storytelling, multimedia ethics and writing for the web.  Definitely worth a look.


UF’s College of Journalism and Communications is home to the Knight Division for Scholarships, Career Services and Multicultural Affairs.

Through the Knight Division, the college awards $250,000 in scholarships and $30,000 in assistantships annually to undergraduate students.

The Knight Division also hosts Interviewing Day for students and potential employers.  Fall 2011 Interviewing Day is Thursday, October 20th from 9 am to 5 pm at the Reitz Union Grand Ballroom.

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