Multimedia Reporting

Here’s a link to a good example of multimedia reporting from one of our grads Natalie Caula. She’s a reporter at the ABC affiliate in Charleston, SC. She was sent to the Outer Banks to cover the arrival of Hurricane Irene. Her work includes a live shot, video gallery, photo gallery and text story for the web. This is typical of what tv reporters are expected to post for any given multimedia assignment. Take a look.

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  1. Thanks Bridget! I think it’s also important to note to the students the use of Twitter and Facebook. I was asked to constantly update through social media.

    There is no doubt that multimedia journalism has changed reporting. In the hotel lobby I overheard an AP reporter talking about how overwhelmed he was with all the technology and multi-tasking (live shots, writing web articles, recording video, Twitter updates, Facebook updates, Skype, etc.).

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