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A bit about your instructor:  I am a broadcast professional with commercial television experience as a reporter and news anchor.  I have worked in the Raleigh and Greenville, North Carolina markets as well as Sioux City, Iowa.  I hold a BA in Broadcasting from the University of Florida and an MA in Mass Communication, also from UF.  I am currently an Academic Project Manager for the College of Journalism and Communications and the Graduate Coordinator for the Graduate Division’s Pro Master’s track.  I currently teach Communication Leadership and Content Marketing at the graduate level.  During the Sumer A semester, I teach Travel Reporting and Ethics and Problems in Telecommunication as part of our College’s Study Abroad program. I also designed and have taught Television News Producing. And I have taught Investigative Reporting.

My husband, son and I spent some time with the President before I interviewed him. Mr. Bush talked baseball with my son and shared some heartfelt stories about his family.


Through the years, I have interviewed many fascinating people…politicians, actors, authors, scientists and really cool everyday people with great stories to tell.  I had the chance to interview former President George W. Bush in front of an audience after he gave a speech in Jacksonville, Florida.  He is a very kind man who possesses a great sense of humor.

Tom Donilon - President Obama's former National Security Adviser

Tom Donilon – President Obama’s former National Security Adviser



Tom Donilon – President Obama’s former National Security Adviser – visited Gainesville on September 26, 2013.  I was asked to interview him for an audience at the Phillips Center.  He talked about the mission to find Osama bin Laden, current threats to US security, Syria, Libya and much more.  He is smart, kind and genuine.



enjoying a luau on Maui


My husband, Tim, is a faculty member in the College of Journalism and Communications. He teaches production courses. He also owns his own production company and has experience in commercial production, film, documentary work and industrial videos. He also works for the Gators and helps get their basketball and football coaches shows on the air. Tim and I got engaged in 2008 while on vacation in Hawaii.




our wedding day at St. Mary Magdalene’s

my wonderful family


Tim and I got married in Ireland in 2009.  My beautiful children were the maid of honor and best man.



My day at the raceway

My day at the raceway



I am a fan of fast cars.  I own a Porsche Boxster and had the chance to take it to the Gainesville Raceway to learn some basic racing skills and open it up on the track.  What a blast!

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  1. Stephanie Strasser says:

    Your family is beautifulBridget and how amazing to be married in Ireland! My father has gone on many golf trips to Ireland, but I have yet to go. I was actually born and raised in Pinehurst, NC and I hope to go back one day to work/live/raise a family. I also love your photo and excerpt with former President George W. Bush-I read a part of his autobiography Decision Points. I am very excited to be taking TV1 with you this semester and hopefully we will be able to work through a few scheduling conflicts due to my sport-shouldn’t be a problem, I’m willing to put in the work!!

    Stephanie Strasser

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