Do You Have the Courage to Tell Your Boss “No”?

Once in a while a reporter or anchor is ask to promote goods or services for the sake of a sale at the station.  I was once asked by my radio boss to promote a car giveaway for the station.  He asked me to do a news story about the giveaway.  The dealership was a major client.  It was my first journalism job and I anchored the morning news.  I wasn’t sure if I would keep my job or lose it, but I said “No.”  I explained that turning a promotional event into a news story as a favor to a client would be unethical and our audience would see through that.  I told him I would lose credibility with my audience and so would the station.  He understood my position and agreed that I would not do the story.  I kept my job and gained a little bit of respect for doing the right thing.  I’ve included this link to a piece by Mark Willis that challenges journalists’ thinking on this subject.

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