From Columbia Journalism Review:                                                                                         Five Awesome Blogs About Minority Communities                                              These are worth a look.

From Mike Cavender , RTDNA Executive Director:                                                                  Understanding Diversity: Reflections on the Lin-ESPN Issue                                  There’s a lesson behind that ESPN headline.

From Broadcasting & Cable:                                                                                                     NBC Owned Stations Launch Diversity Programs in Newsrooms
They’re putting diversity in the pipeline.

From NewsLab:                                                                                                                  Improving Cross-Cultural Reporting
Tips for doing a better job…

From Advancing the Story:                                                                                                              How Journalists Should Talk to Diverse Sources
After the interview, ask yourself this…

From Advancing the Story:                                                                                                         Diversity in the Newsroom Pays Off
Read about how it can help.

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