Week 8

The Benefits of Streaming Live on YouTube

According to Megan O’Neill there are 4 benefits and one big challenge to streaming live on YouTube:

1) Live events are produced in one take. There is no post- production or editing that has to be done.

2) Live events foster more engagement than on-demand events. Live events are a more social experience.

3) Monitoring: Producers can monitor engagement and social conversation in real time and can tell whether or not their intended message is being received. If it isn’t, they can
change that message based on the cues they are receiving from their engaged audience.

4) Live broadcasting has never been more attainable than now in regards to price and available technology and acceptance.

The Challenge: You need a lot of viewers and that’s not easy to attain. Production planning is important before, during and after the event. Out a lot of effort into letting people know that the event is going to take place, and when and where to tune in. Once the event is over, promote the video archive of the event. If people see and like it after the fact, they’ll be more likely to tune in to your next live event.


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