Week 5

Building Your Personal Brand


1) Decide Who You Are: Stay focused on your area of expertise or your main purpose for existing as a brand.  But also let your personality shine through.  Being authentic and reflecting your style will help you grow your following/fan base/customer base.

Here are a couple of people who are developing their brands in a way that reflects their style:

 Neghar Fonooni website











Natalie Sisson website












2) Be intentional in positioning yourself. 

  • Are you friendly, sarcastic, terribly funny or a strong mentor?
  • Build your brand around your style.
  • Own your position.
  • Stick with it.
  • Build your  identity.


Tucker Max






















3) Use a Professional Profile Photo: You’d be surprised how many people use selfies, blurry photos, low-res photos or photos that include other people.  Don’t make your clients guess who you are.

Here’s the deal: Head shot (with shoulders please). Just you. Professional attire or attire that reflects the image you are trying to build. Smile!

Here are a couple of examples I found on LinkedIn.  See if you can spot the problems… (First photo is me – let’s just say that one is great!)

GROGAN HEADSHOT - MED4567891110123











4) Create Great Content on a Regular Basis:

    • Whatever you write should be well-researched. Do your homework.
    • Offer unique content rather than repeating what everyone else is saying.
    • Longform content gets more social shares. It’ll also help you achieve higher search engine results. (According to neilpatel.com, long-form articles attract backlinks and organic traffic from Google. Long-form articles also increase perceptions of authority. Data supports long-form.)  A BuzzSumo analysis of millions of articles showed that long-form content got more social shares compared to its counterpart.
    • Make it useful.
    • Make it well-written. Edit yourself!
    • Follow your schedule for your social media posts.













5) Create a Logo and a Brand Tag Line:

1 2 3 45










6) Start a Podcast:

Podcasting is one of the growing content marketing trends.  It’s estimated that in 2018, 73 million Americans were listening to podcasts each month. From 2017 to 2018, male podcast listening stayed flat while female listening increased about 14%.

  • Podcasts are easily to create and publish.
  • Podcasts boost customer loyalty.
  • Podcasts are accessible, allowing listeners to engage from just about anywhere, anytime.










7) Engage

  • Host Montly Hangouts or Annual Live Meetups
  • Reply to Comments
  • Speak at Events

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